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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Home Management?

  2. What is Concierge Service?

  3. Why do I need Elite Home Management?

  4. What areas do you serve?

  5. Do you provide housecleaning services?

  6. How do I get started with Elite Home Management?

Answer 1:

At Elite Home Management we believe that you should enjoy your time without worrying about running your home. We will create and monitor a complete maintenance plan for your home and property to keep things running smoothly

We start by completing a Home Assessment to document any present issues and/or concerns with your home. We then identify a list of priorities for any items that may need attention

We create a Home Walk-Through to include all appliances and systems on your property. This becomes a running maintenance log to include regular maintenance, repair and/or replacement

Our Property Managers regularly monitor your home, keep your systems running, and manage any necessary work. We are also Project Managers and can handle any projects on your property from small requests to renovations and additions ... specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, deck and balcony repairs, historical renovations and more.

Answer 2:

Concierge Services allow us to pamper you and give you back your time!

We tailor our Concierge Services to your ever-changing needs. From servicing and maintaining your vehicles to airport pick-ups to stocking your fridge, if you need it, we can help accomplish it!

Answer 3:

Home Management is ideal for clients with multiple homes, who live in the Charleston area part-time, or for clients who simply would like to focus their time away from home maintenance. 

Elite Home Management will give you peace of mind when you are away from home and will have everything ready for your comfortable return o We will keep your home and property running smoothly while tackling any projects that you may dream up

Answer 4:

We serve the greater Charleston area to include private and elite islands as far south as Edisto. We are willing and able to accommodate management of homes all over the country on an individual basis.

Answer 5:

We are happy to find, interview, and manage the appropriate people for all of your home maintenance needs to include, but not limited to, housekeepers, landscapers, home chefs etc. 

Answer 6:

Call Leila Molony at 843-308-0600 to schedule a consultation!